S.T.A.R. (Adult Recreation)

St. Thomas Adult Recreation (S.T.A.R.) provides a regular opportunity for retirees to socialize, enjoy musical entertainment, share a meal and have fun.

Created in 2006, S.T.A.R. serves as a ministry to retired “seniors” from both inside and outside our parish who are living in private homes, retirement communities, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes.

Monthly concerts are held at St. Thomas in the main church in partnership with the Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory of Music students (7 months), CCC students (December), and an independent performer (June). The performance is followed by lunch, desserts and beverages all provided by St. Thomas through a diocese grant.

Details about the concerts and lunches can be found under the “Events” tab on the home page.

They committee meets the first Wednesday of each month from September through June.

Attendance at the concerts and lunches is open to anyone who enjoys music and likes to eat.

Volunteers are needed to help serve the lunch and to help clean up after the lunch.