St. Thomas Week at a Glance

SUNDAY, 4/21

Sunday Worship in the Chapel, 9:30am

Fireside Chat and Coffee Hour – Harkess Hall after worship

MONDAY, 4/22

Alcoholics Anonymous-Harkess Hall, (7-9PM)


Red Door Cafe – (10AM-12PM) Bagley Road entrance


AA/Bluebook in Harkess Hall, (8pm)


Plant Sale Prep and Church Workday – 9:00am to 2:00pm

SUNDAY, 4/28

Choir Warm-up before service – 9:00am

Sunday Worship in the Chapel – 9:30am

Choir Rehearsal – in the Chapel after worship (11am)

Star concert and luncheonThe next S.T.A.R. concert / lunch is Thursday, May 9th! Click here for details!

3 June 2023  

Making God’s love known at Cleveland’s Pride Parade!

Holy Week 2024

Fun, Faith, and Formation Event March 23, 2024

This shared inter-generational experience between St. Thomas, St Patrick’s, Brunswick, and St. Paul’s, Medina, included a shared meal, prayer, activities, scripture reading, and an Easter Egg hunt!

STAR Program, December 2023

Advent at St. Thomas

Give to St. Thomas