St. Thomas Week at a Glance

SUNDAY, 5/19

Sunday Worship in the Chapel – 9:30am

Choir Rehearsal – in the Chapel after worship (11am)

MONDAY, 5/20

Alcoholics Anonymous-Harkess Hall, (7-9PM)

Vestry Meeting in Chapel (7:30 PM)


Holy Communion in Chapel (12PM Noon)


Church Bridge in the Chapel – (1PM)

AA/Bluebook in Harkess Hall, (8pm)

SUNDAY, 5/26

Choir Warm-up before service – 9:00am

Sunday Worship in the Chapel – 9:30am

Fireside Chat-Harkess Hall immediately following service

Choir Rehearsal – in the Chapel after worship (11am)

2024 PRIDE IN THE CLE® MARCH will take place on Saturday, June 1st, 2024, from 11:00AM to 6:00PM. Staging for the march will begin at 10AM in Public Square with the march stepping off at 11AM. Both the Diocese of Ohio and Cuyahoga Community College are among the many sponsors of this event, and our Diocese will have a booth.

NOTE: DEACON BARB is looking for walkers for this event; not sure of meeting time or place, yet, but please get in touch with her!

Star concert and luncheonThe next S.T.A.R. concert / lunch will resume in September! Click here for details!

3 June 2023  

Making God’s love known at Cleveland’s Pride Parade!

Holy Week 2024

Fun, Faith, and Formation Event March 23, 2024

This shared inter-generational experience between St. Thomas, St Patrick’s, Brunswick, and St. Paul’s, Medina, included a shared meal, prayer, activities, scripture reading, and an Easter Egg hunt!

STAR Program, December 2023

Advent at St. Thomas

Give to St. Thomas