This year-long Bible Study is not an exhaustive survey of the Hebrew Bible, however, we aim to provide a judicious selection of many of the main narrative points of the Old Testament in order that one might get the sense of scripture as a continuous story. This story begins with Creation and continues all the way through to a few centuries before Christ. In it we will learn about the patriarchs, prophets, kings, and others who shaped the story of God and God’s people, Israel. We will also examine the ways in which these stories have shaped Christian theology, culture, and even our political thinking. In addition to the weekly readings, video clips and art work we will be posted on the Bible Study webpage These multimedia resources will demonstrate some of the ways the Old Testament has shape the Church and broader Western culture. A physical copy of the course booklet is now available at St. Thomas on the literature table on your right as you enter the hallway that connects the main church to Ogilvy Chapel. The discussions will take place Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM on Zoom. The information on how to connect to the meeting can be found at the bottom of this message. I hope to see you there!